Mind Mapping

     Mind Mapping Full Day Workshop 
Presented by Dr. Dilip Abayasekara 

November 9, 2013
9 a.m. – 4 p.m. 

Central Penn College 
600 Valley Road, 
Summerdale, PA 17093 

Details and Registration:
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The Workshop That Helps You Discover the Power Of Your Brain!

"Unlock Your Creative Genius."

A Mind Mapping is a way of using your mind so that you employ both your logical left brain and your 
imaginative right brain to network your thinking. The power of this synergistic approach is that you 
liberate your creativity, literally wake up parts of your brain, and discover the joy of tapping your own genius. 

A Mind Mapping will:

  • Improve your thinking, planning, and problem solving skills. 

  • Increase your ability to generate ideas and organize them. 

  • Give you a powerful new way to take and make notes, and study new information. 

  • Enable you to make better presentations and run more effective meetings. 

  • Help you identify your goals and values. 

  • Wake up your brain and make thinking FUN! 

  • Workshop formats available: 1-day; 2 half-days; four 2-hour sessions

Also available: Shorter introductory presentations on the power of a mind map.

What participants say: 

“It (Dr. Dilip’s Mind Mapping workshop) is a great program. I attended a few years back and it's still adding value to much of what I do in my business and in my life.” 

Craig Valentine, World Champion of Public Speaking, 1998. Professional Speaker. 

“I love it. After the Mind Mapping workshop, I have no problem remembering speeches, be it 5 to 7 minutes speech or 1 hour workshop. Thank you Dr. Dilip. I use this daily for generating ideas, organizing them and remembering speeches.”

Kapila Bandara, Chief Manager - Nations Trust Bank. Past Division Governor, Toastmasters District 82.

"I learned a new way to think. I learned to focus in a new and fascinating way. It was informative, helpful, eye opening. It was literally mind expanding."
-James Michaleson
Rowan College 

"We are forever grateful to you for introducing us to this wonderful technique for generating and organizing our ideas, both logically and spontaneously. Since your training, we have had many employees report their success in using a Mind Mapping as a tool for just about any business or personal setting. This artistic approach to recording and remembering information is so practical."
-Debra A. Muse
Director, EEO
Dept. of the Army, PENTAGON 

"Dr.Dilip's Mind Mapping course is a quick trip to self-awareness. A Mind Mapping is a surprisingly pleasant tool for using our most important resource in a totally new way. You can significantly increase your note taking, analysis, planning, and organizational skills."
-Chris Perks
Professional (Civil) Engineer 

"I feel I have been shown a key to unlocking the flood of creativity I know is inside me. Dr. Dilip's enthusiasm and the interest he showed in his students makes the class more of an experience that a workshop."
-Fred Callbeck
System Professional
Grumman Systems Support Co. 

"It (Mind Mapping) is a very unique and undoubtedly valuable skill. There is a freedom in a Mind Mapping that the rigidity of an outline does not have. I hope, in fact, I am certain, that my continual use of it will help me learn, study, problem solve, & understand better."
-Janice Cunningham
Division of Fish & Wildlife. 

"Very useful tool. Excellent! Well Organized."
-Steven Steinwedel
SCS Enterprises, Inc. 
Dr. Dilip,

Just wanted to share with you my first experience with mind mapping a presentation. The presentation was a 40-minute training session on storytelling, part of the first annual masters class training sessions offered by the Susquehanna Advanced Toastmasters on June 11.

Some background, I have done very few training sessions, I seldom speak longer than 5-7 minutes. My usual approach is to think about the topic for some time, develop an outline and then type the entire presentation. I then read, and reread the presentation, record it and listen to it as I drive, I eventually become familiar with the content that I can deliver the speech without notes, but I’ll bring the manuscript to the lectern and flip through pages to make sure I don’t miss important points. This has worked for me for those 5-7 minute speeches, but the longer the speech, the less practical is that method. 

Facing a 40 minute speech on storytelling, just a month or so after attending your mind mapping seminar, I decided to give mind mapping a try. I mapped out the entire speech on an 8 1/2 x 11 sheet of paper in a couple of hours. The next day I refined that mind map. I then took a few minutes each day to look at it, to think about introductory statements to each segment, and two days before the seminar I made a final version of the mind map using imap software. I placed the one sheet of paper at the lectern before my presentation and referred to it once in a while during the presentation.

I found that the mind mapping process—beginning with a central idea, using short phrases and pictures—actually helped me remember the content with less effort than the type, read, record, and listen model I had been doing for a 5-7 minute speech. 

I also found the process allowed me to quickly adapt my presentation to circumstances occurring during the presentation. In fact, as I was concluding the presentation I saw an important connection between audience members who say they don’t have stories and the typical audience. I was able to quickly and seamlessly add this information as my conclusion. 

At the end of your mind mapping seminar you told me that mind mapping would change the way I approached preparing for speeches and presentations. I left the seminar intrigued but not convinced. Having relied on a simple mind map for a 40 minute presentation, I am now convinced that mind mapping has changed the way I will organize my thoughts before beginning any project. 

With much appreciation,


Anthony T. Crocamo
Corporate Marketing
Buchart Horn, Inc. / BASCO Associates

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