First Edition
November 4, 2010
Unleash Your Communication & Performance Potential!

World-renowned trainer Tony Robbins once said, “The quality of your life is the quality of your communication.” I’ve asked many audiences what that statement means to them. Invariably people talk about how interpersonal communication colors every aspect of life. I add one more thought to the conversation: the power of your internal communications to shape the quality of your life. Enhance the quality of your internal communication and it will enhance the quality of your interpersonal communications as well as the quality of your speeches to groups. In this High Impact Communication newsletter that will come to you once a month, you will learn philosophies, techniques, and approaches that will impact the quality of your internal and external communications. The result will be, as Tony Robbins stated, a higher quality of life – confidence, effectiveness, fulfillment, and happiness. Of course, reading alone will not do it for you. My newsletter will be like a key. A key by itself has no power. But when the key is inserted into the correct lock, it can open the door to your dreams! I will reveal different aspects of the key to you every month. Your job will be to apply that key and use it to unleash your communication and performance potential. Is that a deal? Then, let’s roll!

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I look forward to being your partner in your success!


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