Second Edition
December 14, 2010
The Season of Inspiration

Christmas! Hanukkah! Kwanzaa! Of all the seasons of the year, this is the season of inspiration. If we can tear ourselves away from the business of the day to day rush Ö be quiet Öand listen to the voice of divinity within, we will find Inspiration.

As a speaker, how do you speak inspirationally? Here are eight tips that can help you convey the magic of inspiration.

  1. The Road to Inspiration Goes through the Heart
    Let your heart dwell on and be soaked in inspiration and then reach out to touch otherís hearts. Inspiration is not about facts and figures; itís about awakening dreams and possibilities within.
  2. Hone in on the Yearnings that are Common to Your Listeners
    When you articulate for your listeners that which is so very important to them, but they themselves may not have been able to put into words, you will capture and command their undivided attention.
  3. Appeal to the Highest Values of Your Listeners
    Skip the mundane and go to the things that express what your listeners hold dear to their hearts. Donít sell tires; sell safety to the family that rides on those tires. Donít push your values, appeal to the highest values you and your audience cherish.
  4. Eloquence Sparks Inspiration
    Use language that awakens your audienceís imagination. Words that create images in the mind and feelings in the heart will carry your audience members with you in a tidal wave towards the shores of their dreams.
  5. Speak to Your Listeners Not as They are, but as They Could Be
    Help the listeners to see themselves as they could be, far beyond any limiting realities of their present struggles. Remind the listeners of their high calling and challenge them to claim their birthright by rising to live at a higher level.
  6. Be on Fire with Enthusiasm for your Audience and Your Message
    This is the two-prong enthusiasm requirement for great inspirational speaking. If you are not excited, your audience will not get excited. The glint in your eyes and the passion in your voice will connect with your audience and invite them to light their own fires.
  7. Connect the Audience with Great Themes
    Your speech becomes inspirational when it touches on great themes that cause the listeners to feel deeply and emotionally move toward greatness.
  8. Leave the Audience on a High
    The conclusion of your speech is your final opportunity to make an impact on your audience. If your intent is to inspire them, then the ending must lift them up and place them on a mountain top of feelings and imagination!

If you would like more details about the above points and would like to see how great inspirational speakers have used the above concepts in their speeches, visit

My Christmas wish for you:
May all that is holy, fill your heart
May all that is noble, fill your mind
May all that is possible,
spur you on to new heights in the coming year.

As always, may you unleash your communication and performance potential!

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