Fourth Edition
February 8, 2011
How to Accomplish More than What You Can Possibly Do
Part II of The Path of the Genie – Your Journey to Your Heart’s Desire

In the January newsletter, we talked about traveling light. We discussed how you can do that by dropping the baggage of negativity and past hurts and grievances. With that done, let’s get on with the journey. While on your path, do you sometimes find yourself at a dead end…in a prison of sorts? Have you applied yourself to the problem, taxed your intellect and will power, and given it all you have and still not arrived at a satisfactory conclusion? Aladdin could relate to you. There he was in a cave full of riches. He was surrounded by more wealth than he had seen in his entire life – gold goblets, silver spoons, dazzling diamonds, coffers of coins, precious stones of every variety, but he had a problem. There was no way out of the cave! He might have felt like the guy who shoots a hole in one and there is no one else to see his feat. Actually his condition was worse -- He was trapped and he could die alone and unnoticed in that cave of riches! All his mental powers and physical strength could not get him out of the cave. So how did he get out?

Ahh! You know the answer. Aladdin got the help of the Genie of the lamp to break out of that cave. This unveils the second Aladdin principal: Tap the powers of others to accomplish more than you can do by yourself. As the Path of the Genie states, this second station of the path is about humility. The recognition that no one person has all the answers and all the gifts to excel in life and that the wise among us know that we are interdependent upon each other. Humility begs the questions: How can I improve? What must I learn? Who can teach me?

It is upon this principle of humility and interdependence that partnerships, networking, and friendships are based. It is also a cornerstone of strong marriages. It makes you a better listener and it makes it easy to consider others with respect. As Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “Everyman I meet is my superior in some way, in that I can learn from him.”

Every time you find yourself at what looks like a dead-end, remember Aladdin in his cave. Who could be your Genie? Every time you feel that you’ve exhausted your own resources and not advanced in the direction of your dreams, ask yourself the questions that spring from a humble heart, consider the untapped resources around you, and you will find that alliances with others will indeed allow you to accomplish more than you can possibly do by yourself!

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Recommended Resource

The Anatomy of Peace – by The Arbinger Institute (This book is available on

This book is the logical follow up to the previous book by Arbinger Institute, Leadership and Self-Deception. The Anatomy of Peace, through the vehicle of an engaging story, teaches the reader the root cause of all human conflict and how we can transcend that in our own lives. This is probably the most important secular book that I've ever read on the subject of resolving conflict and living at peace with others. I am amazed that a secular setting can be used so effectively to reveal spiritual truths without the use of any dogma. I strongly believe that every leader, parent, and communicator should read this book. I will be returning to its teachings time and again.


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