Fifth Edition
 March 8, 2011
The Seat of Personal Power Or How Not to Worry about What the Family Parrot Might Say
Part III of The Path of the Genie – Your Journey to Your Heart’s Desire

Have you ever wanted something so badly from someone that you’d do almost anything to get it? As the old saying goes, would you “sell your soul to the devil” to get what you want?

In the January newsletter we talked about dropping your negatives and traveling light. In February we discussed how you could do more than you can ever accomplish by yourself by embracing the spirit of humility, recognizing your interdependence on others, and harnessing the power of other people to reach your goals. This month we consider the starting point of all personal power. Let’s look to our guide along this path – Aladdin.

There was Aladdin, head over heels in love with beautiful Princess Jasmine. He’d give anything to win her love. There was a problem – or so he thought: She was a princess and he was a street urchin. There was no way – or so he thought – that she would ever love a poor boy from the streets. Face it. Would ever bring these two together? Not a chance – or so he thought. So Aladdin proceeded to misuse the law of interdependence (Yes – the characteristic I mentioned as a virtue in last month’s newsletter!) by getting the Genie to do his magic to make him appear to be a prince. Then a new problem surfaced. When Princess Jasmine began to show some interest in him, he couldn’t be sure whether she liked him because who he really was (the person inside his body) or because she thought he was a prince! This is the problem we create when we are so invested in achieving an outcome that we “sell our soul” to get it, not realizing that who we are, our unique self, is priceless and can never be a cheap imitation of something or someone else. Just as Aladdin found out, if you are to ever live in the certainty of your own truth, you must discover who you are and live authentically. This is the third station of the path of the Genie – Self-discovery.

Here are three questions to ask yourself: Who am I? What are my gifts and talents? What excites me, puts a glint in my eyes, a song in my heart? As you search for answers to the above questions, you will begin to discover who you are … really. Usually the toughest question to answer is “Who am I?” Answer that question without referring to your job or title or occupation or your family or friends. Fundamentally, who are you? Answering that question will take you on a spiritual quest. As you understand yourself in a deep way and embrace your identity, you are able to also embrace your unique gifts. Then you will be in a position to live your life in alignment with your identity, your gifts, and what gives you joy. That is to live a life liberated from the kind of self-doubts that Aladdin faced. Grappling with these same questions caused me to eventually leave my previous occupation of a scientist and claim my avocation of blessing and enriching others through the power of the spoken word.

Let’s learn from Aladdin’s mistake. The seat of personal power is authenticity. If you are a leader or hope to be a leader, then find out more why authenticity is at the heart of leadership: Another way of describing the authentic life is to live a life that is congruent – what you think, what you say, how you live are aligned with your identity and highest aspirations. Cowboy philosopher Will Rogers said “Live your life in such a manner that you wouldn’t worry if the family parrot were sold to the town gossip!” Then we can say with the Australians, “No worries, mate!”

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One of the best ways to discover yourself is to speak in front of others. As you give speeches about yourself and your interests, you will engage in reflection, gaining clarity about your life, and expressing things that are important to you. During that process you will gain insights into who you really are. There is an organization that will help you learn to express yourself– Toastmasters International -- the world’s largest volunteer organization for helping people develop their communication and leadership skills. Visit and find a club near you.

Recommended Resource

Psych-K …The Missing Peace in Your Life – by Robert M. Williams

Fascinating, easy to read book written by the man highly recommended by Bruce Lipton for the techniques he has developed to help people get over their self-imposed limitations rooted in the sub-conscious mind. I read this book to get some insights into how I might help my coaching clients overcome deep-seated mental blocks and reach higher levels of effectiveness. I was not disappointed. I followed this up by taking a basic Psych-K workshop, and a whole new world of possibilities opened up for how I can empower my clients as well as myself!

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