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One reason I love this season is that it reminds me of how much I owe my clients, customers, mentors, colleagues, and friends. I could not be successful in business without you. Thank you for your faith in me, the significance of the work I do, and for your encouragement and support. I wish you every success. May you have a blessed Thanksgiving!

Quote to Think About
“Your become what you think about.”
Earl Nightingale in his million selling record, “The Strangest Secret.”

Mental Principles for Speaking Success

Like sports in general, succeeding at speaking is about 90% mental. What that means is that your mental state and attitude will have a huge influence on your effectiveness as a speaker. Simply applying speaking techniques without the proper mental conditioning and attitude will make you a mechanically correct speaker without the ability to move an audience.

Here are five mental principles that I have found to be true in my speaking experience:

Create Your Future Reality by Choosing Your Present Thoughts
Create your reality. Mentally imagine what you want to happen in your speaking engagement. See yourself sparkling with confidence, hear the words smoothly rolling out of your mouth, feel the connection with the audience, see their eyes fixed on you, and, in your imagination command that stage. What you vividly imagine will become your reality.

What You Think About Expands
I first heard this from Wayne Dyer. It’s true. It’s related to the first principle above. It relates to the way you nurture your thoughts and the expansion of its reality in your life.

What You Oppose Weakens You; What You Support Strengthens You
This is another great thought from Wayne Dyer. Reframe your negative thoughts with a positive perspective. For example, instead of being against saying ‘ahs’ and ‘uhms,’ be for pausing when you need to collect your thoughts while speaking. Instead of being against slurring words, be for articulating and enunciating words clearly.

When You are the Speaker, You Are in Charge
When it comes to what happens when you are speaking, the buck stops with you. Although other people may be assigned to oversee them, details such as the seating arrangement, the temperature of the room, the audio-visual system, the lighting, etc., are all ultimately your responsibility. A speaker is a leader.

Your Mission as a Speaker is to be a Blessing to Your Audience
It’s all about the audience, not about you! Forget about yourself and focus on your audience’s well being. It will cause you to be audience-centered, which means that you will keep the audience and the needs of its members in mind as you prepare every aspect of your speech. It means that you will be so focused on delivering value to your audience that you will forget yourself and get in the flow. It is in forgetting yourself that you become the speaker you were meant to be.

There you are – five powerful mental principles that will catapult you to speaking success. Practice them and prosper.


Dr. Dilip Abayasekara
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