One of our new initiatives in 2012 is to periodically offer FREE seminars. Some of the seminars will be on topics that will be helpful to people who are seeking employment. Topics will include interview skills, impromptu speaking, memory, appearance /dress. Other topics will be for business executives and professionals and will include defining your mission statement, discovering your core values, elements of strategic planning, keys to powerful PowerPoint presentations. The first FREE seminar will be held on March 3 on the topics of memory improvement and compassionate communication. Stay tuned for details!

TeleClass on Achieving Your Heart’s Desire
Six Reasons Why You Should Join this TeleClass:

1. Learn the one most important thing you can do to advance on your path to success.

2. Discover why, in order to reach high, you must bend low (Hint: It's something all great achievers do).

3. Claim the power of authenticity -- three questions that will help you find your unique design.

4. Attract what you want by giving it away -- the amazing paradox of the open heart.

5. Receive Dr. Dilip's FREE high impact e-newsletter, Dilip's Diamonds.

6. Win a FREE month of membership in Dr. Dilip's Diamonds Club -- a unique online speech coaching service.
AL COLE from CBS Radio Presents DR. DILIP ABAYASEKARA, Author of “THE PATH OF THE GENIE -- Your Journey to Your Hearts' Desire”. An exciting, educational & entertaining TeleClass THE GENIE DOES NOT COME OUT OF A LAMP ... It Comes Out Of Your SOUL! We invite you to listen to our TeleClass Thursday, January 19th @ 8:00 pm, EST Click Here To REGISTER NOW! (Only $7)
A Daring & Essential MUST HEAR For Anyone Who Wants To “Find Their Voice, And Serve Their World Too”.

Preview of What’s Coming for Diamonds Club Members
There are four myths that keep many potentially great speakers from ever reaching their potential. If you don’t want to be counted among them, these four myths are going to be unmasked in detail for members of my Diamonds Club. If you have not signed up yet, here are the details about how you can benefit from the Diamonds Club:

As a member, you will receive:
  • A weekly video training session on how you can become a more competent and confident public speaker. This will run from 8-10 minutes and you can play it as many times as you want to extract the maximum learning from it.
  • Free quarterly webinars, which will go into depth on public speaking skills as well as special communication topics that will help you reach ever-higher levels of knowledge and competence.
  • Receive an evaluation of your upcoming speech. Submit a video clip or script of a speech you are preparing to give. Receive expert feedback that will inform you about what you are doing well and receive practical tips on how to improve your presentation.
  • A Q & A Forum where you can submit your questions about public speaking and communication. Learn from the answers, not just to your questions, but also answers to questions posed by others.
You can hurdle time and money obstacles because for a low monthly fee, you can access all of the above 24/7! For more details and to sign up, click here.

The first two myths have to do with speech delivery and the second two myths have to do with speech construction. Let’s consider speech delivery first. Myth #1 is that speech writing has little to do with speech delivery. The truth is that speech writing has a great impact on how the speech is delivered! Myth #2 is that great speech delivery is all about you, the speaker. On the contrary, great delivery is all about the audience’s desires, needs, and wants coalescing with the passionate message of the speaker so that the audience, speaker, and message become one! Now let’s consider myths 3 & 4 which have to do with speech construction. Myth #3 is that research for a speech must be done first before choosing the purpose and message of the speech. For the most part, this is not so! One of the best ways to waste your precious time is to research a topic with no idea as to the purpose and essence of your message. You might have experienced the frustration of having done hours of research, generating thirty minutes worth of speech material when you’ve been allotted only ten minutes for your speech! The truth is that once the speech topic has been selected, you should focus your efforts on the specific purpose and central idea of your speech. After that, spend time on brainstorming before you do any research. Myth #4 is the belief that a speech needs to be written in the same order in which it is delivered – introduction-body-close. Not so. Join me in the soon to be delivered video lessons to the members of Dr. Dilip’s Diamonds Club where you will learn that the most practical sequence for speech preparation is body-close-introduction.

A Philosophy of Winners -- If you live in the USA or Canada, you may have recently watched college football bowl games and NFL playoff games. If you are in Asia, you may have watched cricket matches or rugby football games. Chances are that at some point you wondered what sets top performers apart from the other athletes. I believe that what sets the top performers apart in any sport are also the same things that set the top speakers apart in the world of speaking. Talent is not the sole arbiter of top performance. Assuming adequate talent, I believe that the top four differentiators are as follows: (1) drop the baggage of the past – you can read about this in part I of The Path of the Genie; (2) Humility (part II of The Path of the Genie); (3) Self-discovery (part III of The Path of the Genie); (4) Self-offering (part IV of The Path of the Genie). The above four are available for everyone – including you!
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Upcoming Events

January 13: Speech coaching interview

January 21: Speech coaching for individual clients

January 19: TeleClass with Al Cole, 8:00 p.m. USA EST

February 2, 9, 16: Small Group communication training

February 16: Interview on Skills Radio with Brian Olds, 9:00 p.m. USA EST.

February 25: Presentation – “Unmasking the Mystery: How to Become an Accredited Speaker”

March 2: One-day memory & communication seminar – details to be announced

March 3: FREE half-day seminar on memory improvement and compassionate communication – by Top Trainers from India, sponsored by Dr. Dilip, LLC.

Quote to Think About
“Each of us is a master at something, and part of becoming fully alive is to discover and develop our birthright competence.”
-- Parker J. Palmer

Kiplinger Speaks
Kiplinger’s Personal Finance magazine of March 2011 reports that employers value verbal communication higher than analytical skills, a strong work ethic, and the ability to work on a team, according to the survey by the National Association of Colleges and Employers. Mike Hendel, Associate Director of the Career Center at Carleton College is quoted saying: “You can be the sharpest person on paper, but if you can’t give a group presentation or summarize at a staff meeting, what’s an employer to do?” Find out how a speech coach can help you shine verbally!
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