The most insightful description of the power of a metaphor that I have read comes from Orson Scott Card, author and public speaker: “Metaphors have a way of holding the most truth in the least space.” The same could be said of the metaphor’s first cousin, the simile. Public speakers have long understood that by using a simile or a metaphor, the speaker conveys meaning and paints a picture in a few words that would otherwise need many more words to convey. However, our focus this month is not the use of metaphors and similes. Rather, it is the use of two similes that can help you structure a speech and deliver your message.


A simile, as you may recall, is an analogy that compares two dissimilar things that are alike in one aspect. Let’s take a look at a simile that can help us create good structure in our speeches. The simile is this: A well-structured speech is like a lion.

 A well-structured speech is like a lion.


Consider why that is so:

The head of the lion represents the opening of your speech.

The body of the lion represents the body of your speech.

The tail of the lion represents the conclusion of your speech.

The backbone of the lion represents the central idea or theme of your speech.

The major bones of the lion represent the main points of your speech.

The paws of the lion represent the supporting data for the points of your speech.

The ligaments and cartilage that connect the different bones of the lion are like the connectives/transition statements you make in a speech that lead from one point to another.

The beauty of the lion – the rippling muscles, the beautiful mane, the majestic look – represents the connection you make with your audience; the human connection.


Thus, the image of the lion reminds us speechwriters to create speeches that are complete.  Reference to the simile will remind you that a speech without an ending is like a lion without a tail. It will remind you that your speech is supposed to have only one central idea, just as the lion has only one back bone (spine), and so forth.


What’s the point of the above simile? Let your speech be a lion on stage! (That’s a metaphor!)


Let’s look at a second simile that helps us shape and deliver a speech. The simile is this: Your speech is like a fine meal.

Your speech is like a fine meal.


The introduction of your speech is like the appetizer; it prepares the listeners to anticipate and enjoy the body of the speech.

The body of your speech is like the entrée. It contains the main message of the speech.

The conclusion is like the dessert. It completes the message and leaves the listeners feeling satisfied.


What’s the point of this simile? When you speak, serve your audience a gourmet “meal.” Never give your listeners indigestion!


Apply these two similes. Hang up the pictures of the lion and the fine meal where you will see them when you are preparing your next speech.  See how your speech structure, organization, and delivery improve. Send me your success stories with permission to print them!


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Quote to Think About

In making a speech one must study three points: first, the means of producing persuasion; second, the language; third the proper arrangement of the various parts of the speech.

-- Aristotle


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