C&S Happy Customers Greater Profits

Happy Customers Means Greater Profits!

In this workshop, you will:

  • DISCOVER the strengths and weaknesses of your natural behavioral style. 
  • GAIN powerful INSIGHTS into the needs and motivations of your customers. 
  • LEARN how to put customers at ease.
  • IDENTIFY and respond to customer concerns 
  • DESIGN a customer service action plan to positively affect customer interactions.



“Amazing how so much can be learned in such a short time. I now have something to make me work better with other people.”

L.P., Attorney

“I found the subject matter very important to our people in the company. It will help me change my perceptions of the people around me.”

A.B., Chemical Division of a Corporation

Workshop Formats:

  • 2-day (Premium)
  • 1-day
  • 2 half-days (Essentials)


“My experience today (gave) good material to reinforce my relating with people in a more effective way.”