C&S Selling Success Sales Skills

Selling Success: Sales Skill Seminar


Attendees Will:

  • UNDERSTAND what their prospects are really looking for
  • LEARN how to build relationship bridges to many different types of prospects.
  • BUILD teamwork within the different components of your sales organization.
  • FIND a unique edge for your service or product.
  • FORMULATE a sales system that will keep you on track
  • RECOGNIZE the six most vital personal qualities for long-term sales success.
  • DISCOVER a questioning system that will help discover customer needs, overcome objections, and close more sales!


Workshop Formats: 

  • 2-days (Premium)          
  • 1-day (Essentials) 
  • Half-day (Introduction) 


“Excellent grasp of our business.  Good application of concepts to relevant model for sales.”

Jerry Rogers, Asst. Vice President, Educational Services, Pennsylvania Higher Education Assistance Agency (PHEAA)


“Very clear and informative on sales skills.”

Bob Burke, Portfolio Manager, PHEAA


“Your presentation was wonderful!  Thank you so much for speaking to our sales department….  I know everyone enjoyed it and was inspired by your message and stories.  My sales manager commented that he appreciated having someone speak who had real sales experience, and wasn’t just talking theory.  Once again, thank you for your inspiration and motivation.”

Paul Endress, President, DataTech