Executive Leadership Track

The Executive Leadership Track

Available as one-on-one coaching sessions, two-day seminars, or three-hour workshops, Dr. Dilip’s Executive Leadership Track will teach you practical ways to become an effective, responsive, and respected leader within your organization. Click on the program titles for details. 

When I Listen, Why Don’t I Hear?

Hearing, one of our five senses can’t be taught. Listening is a skill and learning how to listen well eliminates costly errors due to misunderstandings and miscommunications.

Project Authority, Demonstrate Confidence, Build Trust

Excel in executive communications from casual conversations to board room presentations.

Getting to Trust, Cooperation, Understanding, and Acceptance Understanding Yourself and Others

Internal conflict can cripple a business. Dr. Dilip teaches team building techniques that will make your organization more productive and competitive than ever before.

How to Shine at Your Next Job Interview

Make the most of your first impression with a potential employer or blow away the competition for that in-house promotion with the preparation and key interview skills you need to land your dream job.

Magnetic Leadership

Getting Things Done Through Influence and Attraction

The Language of Leadership…

How to Foster Communication & Leadership Excellence 

Leading with Both Eyes Open

Develop and Define Vision and Mission Statements

Situational Leadership

How to Develop the Competence and Commitment of Those You Lead


A Track for Your Train of Success

Identify, Define, and Communicate Your Organization’s Core Values