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Keynote speeches

Motivate…Inspire…  Celebrate…Challenge

Dr. Dilip Abayasekara’s entertaining, insightful, and inspiring presentation, tailored to your group’s specific needs, will motivate and excite your audience. An expert coach, trainer, and motivational speaker Dr. Dilip works with you to craft the message your organization needs to hear.  


  • Find Your Voice, Serve Your World
  • The Path of the Genie… Your Journey to Your Heart’s Desire
  • Life is an elevator… But You Push the Buttons! 
  • From a Strange Land to a Homeland…
  • An Immigrant’s Story. Winning at Life…
  • Life Lessons Learned at the Lectern. 

Workshops and Seminars:


  • High ImpactHigh Impact Speaking Workshop. Go from Good to Great.





  • Magic Words That I-N-C-R-E-A-S-E Your Sales Workshop. A Philosophy for Increasing Customer Satisfaction and Strategy for Increasing Your Sales
  • Selling SuccessSales Skills Seminar. To Increase Sales You Have to Understand…Learn…Build…Find…Formulate… Recognize…and DISCOVER!

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