Mastering Communications High Impact Speaking Skills

High Impact Speaking Skills to Inspire, Inform,  & Motivate

Moving from good to great

Attend this workshop to:

  • Identify the obstacles that have kept you from greatness as a speaker.
  • Learn specific approaches and techniques to overcome your obstacles.
  • Practice speeches in a supportive & guided environment.
  • Learn multi sensory imagery techniques that will boost your confidence.
  • Add power and meaning to your talks with the HAQQ formula.
  • Discover the secrets of stage presence and magnetism.
  • Make your body language increase the power of your spoken words.
  • Add power to your speeches with advanced speech writing techniques.
  • Receive a recording of your workshop speeches.

Sign up for High Impact Speaking Skills to pump up your persuasive power, enhance your ability to lead groups, have greater impact and visibility within your organization and to reach your career goals.

This program is custom designed to take your speaking skills from good to great.

  • 2 days (Premium) 
  • 1-day (Condensed)

What participant say:

“Amazing is your ability to present a speech. You captured our interest and held it throughout the class. “

Shirley Knight, Cecil County Public Schools

“…it helped me see my strengths and weaknesses so I could improve. Also, I felt supported when trying to speak.”

Jennifer Rossiter, Counselor, Haven House