Mastering Communications Speak Off the Cuff

 Speak off the Cuff with Poise & Power

At this highly interactive and fun workshop you will learn one approach, two skills and a six-step technique that replaces palpitations and perspiration with power and poise and make you a confident and capable off the cuff speaker!



  • Speak confidently and clearly the next time your boss asks you a question.
  • Mix easily with strangers at a party and enjoy the chit chat.
  • Give an effective business briefing when suddenly asked to do so.
  • Handle questions with poise and grace even under hostile. circumstances.

What participants’ say:

“(Dr. Dilip’s instruction was) superb. He brought out some things that I never thought of…He also improved my confidence.”

Dinal Edirisinghe, St. Thomas Preparatory School


  • 4 hours (Premium) 
  • 1-2 hours (Condensed

“(Dr. Dilip’s instruction was) very useful — stimulating — encourages all to break free of those ‘shackles’ and have faith in one’s absolute ability/potential.”

Anthea Peris Flambert, TV Talk Show Host/Speech Teacher


“I think that he gives us more confidence in public speaking and makes us believe in ourselves. It has been a very valuable program for me because it made me confident and made me enjoy communication.”

Rashmi Dias, High School Student