Mastering Communications Speak with Confidence

Speak with Confidence

Pick up easy to use public speaking tips that will immediately improve your speaking skills.

Attend this workshop to:

  • Overcome the fear of public speaking.
  • Build confidence
  • Connect with any audience.
  • Discover your strengths as a speaker.
  • Quickly organize a speech or presentation.
  • Apply the fundamentals of body language.
  • Use humor and stories to spice up any presentation.
  • Replace the perspiration of public speaking with inspiration!

Speak with Confidence is for you if you sell, network, socialize, or communicate with others and want to do them more effectively.

Workshop Formats: 

  • 2-days (Premium)
  • 1-day, two half-days (Essentials)


What participants say about speak with confidence:

“I avoided this class for over a year but forced myself to finally attend.  I intended to slip away at lunch because I didn’t think I could handle the subject.  Dr. Dilip’s genuine interest in his student’s growth gave me the desire and confidence to stay.  This has been a truly rewarding day.”

Edie Crick, Bair Products &. Chemicals, Inc.

“Dr. Dilip’s instruction would benefit of any organization, company, or individual. Thank you for your time and interest in each student and genuine concern, it was a pleasure to learn from such a talented instructor.”

Phyllis M. Byrd, Medical Center of Delaware

“By the end of the class, there was an unmistakable change in presenters and the general attitude toward public speaking. You created, in a minimal period of time, a positive and nurturing environment conducive to creating better speakers.”

Zengara A. Loper-Ferrell, Human Resources, Household Retail Services, USA


“I would recommend this (workshop) to anyone wishing to learn or improve their speaking (skills).”

David R. Dawson, Nationwide Insurance

(If asked by another organization about this speaker and workshop, I would say) “that he is really good at what he is teaching, and that they should contact him.”

Lucinda Mease

“Dr. Dilip convinced me that I can make a speech – which in my opinion (and only mine) was a far fetched thing.  With his principles, I think I could do it!  No, I know I can.”

Mary Mitchell, Retired